Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Same job, different offense

With a new head coach and new coordinators in charge, nearly every Vikings player is learning a new scheme this preseason.

Fullback Jerome Felton said Turner's offense is complex with “a lot of motions and shifts; that's different than in the past.” However, he said that doesn't mean his job changes a whole lot.

“(Turner) wants to run the football. He wants to power run the football,” Felton said after Wednesday morning's special teams walk-thru. “That's what I do. The basics of what I don won't change.”

For Felton, the best part of camp came on Sunday when players put the pads on for the first time.

“As a fullback, when you don't have the pads on, you can't show what you're about. I think it's been important the last two days to come out here in pads to show what I can do.”

Turner said some, but not all, positions need that look during camp.

“Tight ends, linebackers, offensive linemen, the full backs – seeing those guys in full pads helps you evaluate.”

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